One thing I’ve really learnt to value in this life is culture, and all the beautiful fragments in which we can consume it. Everything you read, watch, listen to, look at it all helps to broaden your brain and, to some extent, is an unconscious reflection of yourself.

Last Summer was a blank canvas for me, nothing on the books to do or that needed doing. The minute work was over I felt myself drift towards comforts that I hadn’t had time to explore in what felt like forever. Suddenly I was watching 3-4 films a day, pulling books rabidly off the shelves by the stack load and re-discovered old albums that I’d once proclaimed love for.

That Summer I binged on culture, and I had never felt so ecstatic and content at once.

Obviously, everyday can’t be like that, the real chores of life must inevitably be addressed. But since that Summer I’ve learnt the true importance of staying creative. Soak up the creativity of others and it will ultimately help to fuel your own, and that’s what this is for. A digital library for all the fragments of culture that I discover from this point on…

“The only sensible procedure for a critic is to keep silent about works which he believes to be bad, while at the same time vigorously campaigning for those which he believes to be good, especially if they are being neglected or underestimated by the public.”– W.H. Auden