“I share, therefore I am.”

Sometimes the biggest ideas can be found in the smallest of spaces, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon one in the humble space of Theatre N16.

This Might Be It is an exploratory piece centred on the issue of loneliness, devised by Vantage Point Theatre; a company in its infancy made up of performers and artists from around the world, dedicated to questioning aspects of the life we lead.

Loneliness, and what it means to be lonely especially in this day and age is a subject that most only dare to scratch the surface but rarely make the centre of their work. The heavy connotations that stem from loneliness, made me wonder if seeing a piece dedicated to its exploration might be overwhelming to watch, but I found it to be further from that imagined truth than I thought possible.

The company of seven presented a variety characters and in turn different sectors of loneliness. The piece a series of situational snippets into the isolated lives of these people: a wife with a depressive husband, a man that can’t speak to women and another that fights to converse with a machine. The crosscutting was effectively used and allowed for a good balance between exploring the questions that lie at the core of feeling isolated and making light of areas like our collective social anxiety.

It was a liberating piece of theatre to watch, to be allowed to laugh at such at weighty subject matters whilst also stopping to look upon its repercussions made for the most interesting theatre experience I’ve had in a long while.

Not only is This Might Be It an impressive observational piece, but it’s a great mirror for self-reflection amongst the audience. I left Theatre N16 feeling more in tune with myself than I had in some time, I was suddenly more aware of my fear of being misidentified by others, because at the end of the day we all extend ourselves through conversation in the hope that others will see us for who we truly are, and that we won’t end up lonely.

I hope to see project grow and expand into the New Year, so it can reach more people. But for this week, I urge you to see it while it’s here and become a part of this much-needed conversation.

This Might Be It is on until 8th December, tickets available here


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