“So come and show me what you want…”

Discovering new music is something I’ve always rejoiced in, and my 2017 got off to blissful start when I stumbled across a five-piece indie British indie band by the name of Blossoms.

Their self-titled second album has already received roaring success last year, topping the charts and keeping the number one spot for two weeks. These lads from Stockport, led by front man Tom Ogden, sure know how to make beautiful melodies…

The album is a vast selection of songs of varying paces, tones and sounds; make sure you purchase the extended edition to really get the full feel of the noise they can create. It begins with arguably their biggest hit, Charlemagne, an upbeat, synth-sounding pop number filled with raspy vocals that really draw you in. Tones become softer and deeper as you reach the likes of Getaway, a soothing song centred on the turmoil of letting someone go.

Blown Rose is the song that first introduced me to the band, a YouTube advert that finally led me to something worthwhile. The aesthetics of the video seemed reminiscent of Lewis Watson’s Stay, an eerie style shoot filmed at Hammerwood Park (former home of Led Zepplin) contrasting greatly with the fast-paced nature of the song.

By the time you’re over halfway through the track list, you meet melodious, lullaby-type numbers like Winters Kiss, Stormy and For Evelyn. The amazing thing is each song creates the same sort of feeling but in exceptionally different ways. Winters Kiss is centred on group harmonies; Stormy is an acoustic guitar driven piece whilst For Evelyn is showcased through the piano. I was taken aback by the richness of the range of Blossoms’ back catalogue, which is why the extended edition is all the more worth buying.

Listening to their album is an experience that I’m happy to immerse myself in over and over again; it’s well crafted, emotive and mood provoking; just as music should be.

With Blossoms, and any artist really, I urge you to go beyond listening to one song before you make a judgement. In a society that is so centred on everything being of a fast-paced nature, we’re getting quicker at skipping through songs thus allowing us to hear everything and appreciate nothing. When someone asks, “Who are you a fan of?” You’ll be able to name song titles rather than artists. Take the time to listen to someone else’s creation in its entirety and you might just find something you love.


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