“We were soaring up through the clouds above, We were flying high on our wings of love…”

Even the most daring of TV shows rarely satisfies the dark humour that we relish in sharing in my house, until we found Uncle.

This beautifully British comedy drama thrives on finding the funny in any subject, no matter how improbable you think that might be, and it does so with charm, grace and wit.

With Nick Helm as Uncle Andy, the piece is already on steady shoulders with Nick comfortably bringing to life this loveable disaster of a man. However it is the close friendship between Andy and his teenage nephew Errol (Elliot Speller-Gillott) that is the show’s unique selling point, for me.

The pair maintains a beautiful symbiotic relationship that evolves effortlessly from series to series. The writing (Oliver Refson, Lilah Vandenburgh) is the perfect mix of gallows humour, cynicism and pure heart.

The show is formed of an unconventional family unit with Andy, Errol and Errol’s Mum Sam (Daisy Haggard) sitting at the centre, the tie filters all the way across Uncle’s unforgettable supporting characters: Sam’s ever-chirpy and all round sweet heart of a partner, Bruce, and his stepdaughter Tiff, Andy’s temperamental ex Gwen, her inked up bassist boyfriend, Casper and her Dad, Val; as well as plenty of other familiar faces. You can affectionately guess that they are as close off screen, considering what a wonderful, fucked up family they all make on it.

On its final series now, Uncle is a show that I will deeply miss. Not only for its interludes of good music and the surreal videos in which they feature, or for the talented cast and crew that help to bring us thirty minute doses of something real and special. I will miss Uncle for its spiky voice and the volume with which it would use to laugh at loss, heartbreak, drugs, love, young love, isolation, cancer, and in the last minute of each episode would it stop and whisper something profound.

Catch up with all episodes of Uncle on demand


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