“Now that you’re gone, I feel so alone and I hate the silence…”

Fresh off the back of mod musical All Or Nothing’s successful first tour, actor-musician Drew-Levi is now preparing to release his debut album.

Tuesday night saw him play at Farringdon’s Piano Works; this suave and characterful music establishment provides the perfect platform for unsigned artists to showcase their songwriting talents.

Opening with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s A Team, Drew immediately demonstrated his craft over the piano; he taught himself to play after being inspired by Elton John, having briefly met him whilst being in the 2005 cast of Billy Elliot. His voice flowed gently through Sheeran’s famous folk ballad, his tone possessing a strength that was confident in playing around with the melody.

Watch Drew’s cover of A Team here.

The singer-songwriter then went into an original song, What If, co-written with Devin Belle and David Thomas this uplifting pop number talks of seizing life’s opportunities. This contrasted greatly when the song that followed, Summer Fling, a soft, piano-centred beauty that created a vibe that, to me, felt as smooth as Ella Fitzgerald’s Summertime.

My personal highlight came when Drew played the title track off of his EP, Just Call. Again, Drew’s skills as a pianist are showed off in this beautifully layered song. As impactful as it was to listen to live, there are also many perks of listening online; percussion, strings and harmonies are delightfully put together to create this atmospheric number.

Watch Drew’s performance of Just Call here. 

The set ended with another original, this time a rap-based song, Best British Single; a surprising end to his set, but ultimately one that demonstrated Drew’s versatility, freedom and ambition as an artist.


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