“I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel…”

Recently Marvel seems to be striped up with this PG, kid-centred, family friendly image; blame it on all those Primark tops and incessant branding of any object that can fit on the logo. But when you go back to the roots of these stories, the comics, you’ll see the heart possesses a lot more tenacity.

Fast forward twelve years into the future, a quickly degenerating Logan is isolated, in the middle of a wasteland, caring for the professor whose mind is dangerously fluctuating between normality and paralytic fits.

Before I go on, I would just like to say that oscar-worthy performances are given by both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in this grit-infused, action-jammed adventure of a film. The symbiotic relationship conveyed between the pair is so emotionally sensitive you cannot help but let go of a few tears.

Hugh Jackman in his last go round as the beloved Wolverine Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Dafne Keen is mesmerising as young mutant Laura, on the run from biotechnology corporation Alkali-Transigen, she is taken under Logan’s wing as they help her try and escape from the hands of those who have held her captive for so long.

Laura (Dafne Keen) preparing for battle… Photo Credit: Empire Magazine

Unlike his long-standing, steady companionship with Charles, the sudden arrival of Laura creates for a relationship based on opposing forces with a dormant of layer of mutual understanding lying at deep beneath all the aggression; given that they’re so similar in nature.

James Mangold keeps the story fast-paced throughout, filling the two hours and twenty one minutes with an abundance of violence to dispel the theory once and for all that Marvel has lost its edge.

The hints of Johnny Cash featured in the soundtrack as well as the beautiful inclusion of the 1953 classic Shane glittered the piece with qualities of cinematic genius. Collective scriptwriters, Scott Frank, James Mangold and Michael Green keep the words rooted in history, possibly to reflect the timelessness of this much loved story arc.

All in all, this rough cut diamond of a film, is one that will hopefully be watched and celebrated for many years to come.


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